February 5, 2004

Wilson Trucking Corporation awarded 2003 Jostens Quality Carrier Award

Wilson Trucking Corporation is pleased to have been awarded the 2003 Quality Carrier Award by Jostens of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This is part of the Jostens Quality Carrier Program, whose purpose is to succeed in developing a long term relationship between Jostens, their customers, suppliers, and carriers. This relationship should be both beneficial, and profitable to all parties involved.

The goals of this program are to succeed in better understanding each party's role in the transportation process so that we may each comply with the definition of quality, that definition being conformance to agreed upon requirements.

"...The great people of Wilson Trucking Corporation have demonstrated a commitment to providing outstanding quality service to its customers. You have excelled in all areas monitored by our staff relating to the services that you provide. Due in a large part to your efforts, our Jostens facility was able to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.

...we thank you for being that outstanding business partner to us and to our customers."
Learmond "Buddy" Hayes, Jr.
Quality Carrier Administrator

Henry L. Seviers - 2003 Outstanding Driver Award, Wilson Trucking Corporation - Quality Carrier Award, Rick Carlisle - Account Manager Award

In addition to the Quality Carrier Award, Wilson Trucking's Rick Carlisle was awarded the 2003 Account Manager Award. and Wilson Trucking's Henry L. Seviers, Jr. was given the 2003 Outstanding Driver Award.

Josten's quality program was introduced at their Winston-Salem facility in 1994. It has helped to improve service, reduce damage claims, and provide their customers with the best technology available.

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