February 19, 2008

Wilson Trucking Corporation donates truck to Greenville, SC nonprofit organization.

SOS Ministries, located in the greater Greenville, South Carolina area, is a nonprofit organization that collects donations and sells them to provide financial support to the less fortunate families. Pictured here, Sharon Davis was on a local radio talk show describing her ministry and mentioning a need for equipment to allow her to pick up the larger donated items. Wilson Trucking account executive Stephen McCrary (also pictured) heard the conversation over the air and forwarded the possibility to President Chuck Wilson asking if there were any advise he could offer for the need expressed. President Chuck Wilson and Executive Vice President Guy Wilson responded by donating a truck to Sharon to fulfill the need. Davis responded with great gratitude of the demonstration of generosity by the owners of Wilson Trucking Corporation.

Sharon Davis, SOS Ministries and Steven McCrary, Wilson Trucking Sales Executive

Sharon Davis, SOS Ministries and Stephen McCrary, Wilson Trucking Account Executive

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