February 8, 2016

Wilson Trucking Named 2015 Regional Partner Carrier of the Year By Clear Lane Freight Systems

Wilson Trucking is honored to have received the "Regional Partner Carrier of the Year" for 2015 from Clear Lane Freight Systems. In today's competitive environment such accolades are the result of the efforts of the Wilson people and their pride of performance. Major factors leading to the recognition included the Atlanta terminal performance and their continuous improvement. Being the terminal that processes the overwhelming majority of shipments for Clear Lane, Atlanta's dependable reputation is critical to the mutual success of both organizations. 

Text from the Commendation:
This Award is proudly presented to Wilson Trucking Corporation

It is a pleasure and a privilege to conduct business with a company where integrity, professionalism and quality are of high value. Thank you for the experience of excellence and for your contributions to the success of our company.

Wilson Trucking Corporation - Clear Lane Freight Systems 2015 Regional Partner Carrier Of The Year

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